Everyday Invalidations Symptoms Of A System In Suffering

Here is where common sense and critical thinking come into play. If the job offer is too good to be true, it is! Turn and run!  If the situation is so dire that they just need you then turn and run!

Here are the symptoms in no particular order:

High employee turnover

Toxic and demoralizing culture

Internal friction and festering conflict between departments

Severe revenue issues-lack of sales and collections on receivables

Cost micromanagement, cut backs, cutbacks and more cutbacks

Unable to break out of a slump

Horrible customer service and late delivery times

The above are symptoms of a deeper core root cause in business.  There is a strong possibility that should you work for or with a company like this your future may be curtailed to welfare or unemployment.

If you are like I used to be and say “Its not that bad or I think I can help this cause.”

Then stop reading this now, right now and leave this blog as you are possibly not thinking straight!

Career management and transition requires a clear head and critical thinking.




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