Everyday Invalidations Gratitude For Laundry

Yes more about gratitude, haven’t you had enough of the mush?  It is not mush when it is done right and felt deeply.  If it is part of a quick tips to happiness or something like that where you are “doing” gratitude out of a book, etc then it is a waste of time.  How can I say this?  I used to do the “gratitude books and short courses”.

Gratitude for laundry is beyond folding socks and underwear.  I am blessed with clothing.  I I am blessed with warmth and shelter.  That is what clothing provides.  The fashion piece is not applicable to this piece of writing.  I get to show my gratitude to my clothing by taking care of it via washing and drying as well as folding.  Call it a zen thing if you like.  At this age I am calling it maturity and a little bit of wisdom.

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