Everyday Invalidations Avoidance

Definition of avoidance

  1. 1obsoletea:  an action of emptying, vacating, or clearing awayb:outlet

  2. 2:annulment 1

  3. 3:  an act or practice of avoiding or withdrawing from something

In psychology, avoidance coping, escape coping, or cope and avoid is a maladaptive coping mechanism[1] characterized by the effort to avoid dealing with a stressor.[2]Coping refers to behaviors that attempt to protect oneself from psychological damage.[3] Alternatives to avoidance coping include modifying or eliminating the conditions that gave rise to the problem and changing the perception of an experience in a way that neutralizes the problem.[3]


Is emotional invalidation avoidance?  Or avoidance coping?  Too bad so sad is what I often here in the office space in response to an event.  Avoid, deny, dismiss and invalidate.  All the same in my books that lead to effects that are motivated to damage.  I suggest the key here is to really listen and pay attention to words chosen, patterns of behavior, facial experessions, etc to fully comprehend who and what you are dealing with.  See Paul Eckman’s work on micro expressions read emotions

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