Everyday Invalidations Then

What is the meaning of this word?  From a grammatical point of view what type of part of speech is it?  You may ask why am I posing these seemingly unimportant questions?  As it is 2017 I will be starting to focus on grammar corrections and invalidation as well as unsolicited advise as invalidation and bad manners.

But I was only trying to help is the battle cry from those who correct grammar and provide unsolicited ideas and advice.  Enter the drama triangle, the role of the rescuer and/or persecutor as well as the controlling socio path.

Yes the list looks powerful, scary and daunting doesn’t it.  Yup welcome to everyday survival.  Beware and be ware of those who wish to push their agenda. control and emotionally drain you.  There is always hope and that begins with awareness.

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