Everyday Invalidations Negotiation And Conflict Studies Can Be For You!

No I am not selling a book or a course about negotiation and conflict.  The above skill set will gain you great favor at work and at home.  The study and practice of conflict and negotiation is not reserved for politicians, military executives, union officials or used car salesmen.

Conflict is rife.  That is part of life.  So by accepting that fact and moving forward knowing that most of your ideas, thoughts, emotions and words will be at conflict or invalidated by the environment allows for competitive advantage.  That advantage being not getting caught up in emotional saga and long drawn out drama of wanting.  People are in it for their own needs and wants.  They are pushing and supporting their own selfish agenda most of the time.  See, understand and accept this and soon the emotional chaos that ensues after and heated exchange will melt away.

Who then is for me?  Hopefully you have 1 solid support from your family of origin and if not then be for yourself.  Whatever non sense or shit is going down however terrible you are loved by the world and that world can start with you.  I am not saying that suffering and horrific events are to be swept under the carpet.  Not at all.  They are real time emotional shock and trauma that live in the body, mind and soul.  The trauma and shock is for another post.

You can study, learn and apply negotiation and conflict methods to side step almost any mix up you may fall into.  By the way in doing this you are demonstrating great love and care to yourself.

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