Everyday Invalidations On Mattering

Oh that does not matter!!!!  But it does if if did not then who would care.  At some level something matters to almost everyone.

See below

verb: matter; 3rd person present: matters; past tense: mattered; past participle: mattered; gerund or present participle: mattering
  1. 1.
    be of importance; have significance.
    “it doesn’t matter what the guests wear”
    to be of importance.
    I am not trying to push emotional literacy or intelligence that is for Goleman and Steiner to do.  Please note that I am a card carrying member of both camps (EI and TA).  This is more for basic awareness for both parties you and them.
    Stuff matters or else who would not pay attention to it or think about it or invest time and effort in it.  Everyone has stuff that matters to them.  The grand and one of the greatest invalidations is this,It doesn’t matter.  That is soul killing right there.  It negates their existence to a degree.  Yup it does matter and the journey is to find out why and how and that is called validating the narrative.
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