Everyday Invalidations More On Holiday High Drama

I contend that the issue with high drama is that of emotional expectations.  No expectations no drama or at least it is reduced.  As I have stated before an expectation is the seed of a future resentment.

Often in drama we witness the act of critical thought or at least some form of situational awareness.  I am coming know critical thought, logic and awareness after years as an emotional refugee from work, family and friends.

Here 3 tips to reduce holiday high drama:

1 Be aware of who you are interacting with and their emotional agendas

2 Don’t take the bait and be pleasant with your back to the wall

3 Validate and mirror what they say if pushed and in a bind

Most people do not change and the end of year holidays are a time to let off existential steam of stress, anxiety, repressed failures and 12 months of denial of reality.

Feed and love yourself first and then you can spread that to others should they wish.


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