Everyday Invalidations The Christmas Drama Story

Does this seem like humbug?  Far from it, try the truth.  Why are the christian pagan year end celebrations fraught with chaos, crisis, ambivalence and stress?

Here is my working hypothesis.  We are trying to rescue those we want to control with gifts and money or booze or food in the guise of grateful giving and/or we have come to the end of another 12 month cycle and the change we wished for or even hoped for did not bear fruit or we lost our way in the path to initiating and managing change in our lives.

The myth is this new years resolutions or change projects build on years of if you have enough hope you can do it and nothing could be farther from cold hard reality.  There is more to a personal change project or initiative than hope and nice people saying rah, rah , rah.  Much more that I will get into in a another posting.

We manufacture our own chaos and suffering at our year end existential gathering.

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