Everyday Invalidations How Do We Survive?

I am a supporter of the Transactional Analysis way of thought and paradigm on human behavior.  That may shade the flavor of what I write and how I write it.  So if we take a hard look at social emotional validation meaning I acknowledge and see who you are then we can go from there.

We often have unconscious existential needs to be met we don’t know of.   I  would suggest those are validation.  We often don’t know why we need validation and acknowledgement paid to us but it makes us feel better.  It is best if this comes through our own channel of self compassion and love however that is a social skill that needs to be modeled and learned first from family of origin.

Our survival may not depend on artificial intelligence or the coming age of robotics but on our own journey into who and what we are or are not emotionally and socially.  It seems it is much easier to build things than to take an extended deep dive into our emotional existence.

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