Everyday Invalidations That Yuk Feeling

” Excuse me but I was wondering if you could adjust the heat in the office it is really hot in here.”  said the person.

“Just close your curtains.”  said the invalidator with a contemptuous roll of the eyes.

The person walked away with hands in the air, feeling invalidated, frustrated and yuk.

What is yuk?  That feeling of anger combined with suppressed shitiness of being ignored.

You may think I dreamed this up, no this is an exchange I just witnessed.

How could have this ended better?  Of course this is a rhetorical questions for all you business managers out there.  My answer is simple, get a heart and soul.  Get some awareness some situational awareness.  See a psychiatrist, buy a new personality or go on vacation and don’t come back.  It is 2016 and we still have problems listening to people.


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