Everyday Invalidations Wrong

I have noticed that the word wrong is used quite a bit in the workplace.  As in you are wrong, that is wrong, etc.  These are invalidations.  But what does making another wrong do for us?  What benefit do we gain?  To start with it gives us a little bit of importance and satisfaction that we are better than another person.  It also makes us feel right and in control.  In control?  Of what or who? It provides the momentary illusion of control over another by telling them they were wrong with the hope that they will come to you for more advice on how to live.

A further question is about what is right?  Who is right?  There is the matter of context of all these things where rightness and wrongness blend into the backdrop.  What is the big picture?  What does the high level view look like?  What is the situation and the energy that is in the situation?

Consider the above before wrong is said.


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