Everyday Invalidations What Do You Win When You Win?

Winning, WTF does that mean?

Verb.  be successful or victorious in (a contest or conflict).

Okay and then what?  If you win at a friendly game of cards with friends and family what do you win?  What is the emotional satisfaction of a win?  What is the biochemical difference when you win?  Is winning an addiction?  Or I could say it this way…..what do you win when you get your own way?  When the counter party caves in the your needs and will do anything to shut you up, what have you won?

Yes you are the winner of the weekend end family and friends card game, you won!  What did you win?  Well for one you can say you are the winner, then what?  The emotional high and chemical hit of winning is fleeting it is something that is chased on a co-dependent basis.  Winning can make you a slave to the fleeting emotion of “I am better than you.” As I have been witness and party to the petty nickle and dime politics of winning card and board games with friends and family I can say it is all just heaps of bullshit!  That is all simple dramas to make one person feel worthy of another day of existence.

You may be saying whoa that is pretty harsh and yes it is supposed to be because I can trying to get across to the reader the pervasiveness of the addiction of control to calm emotional turmoil.  It is everywhere even at a “friendly” board game with friends and family.  If there is a heavily active addiction in the room hold on for high stakes drama to play out with you as the intended victim.

If you haven’t already visit the addiction to control and try this Power A Users Guide.



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