Everyday Invalidations What Do You Lose When You Lose?

I once worked for a CEO who told me he hated to lose.  Hmmm, can you see the addiction there?  Once as a company we played in a weekend long ball hockey tournament with other company teams from all over the GTA  and the CEO acted as player coach.  He would give pep talks in between games about how he hated to lose.

What do you lose when you lose?  What is losing?  Verb. be deprived of or cease to have or retain (something).  Is a loss the same as a failure?  Hmmm,let’s think about that.

As there is more to say about losing and failure and ego and emotion and control addiction than I have time for in this post please consider how they are all connected in an environment of dystopia.

Dystopia, noun, an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.  Failure and mistakes and losing have gotten a bad rap over time.  To hate to lose or fail is an attempt to control reality to the way you want it-despite all of the valiant efforts you make it might not happen just they way you wanted it to.  Then what?  Have a temper tantrum?  Deny reality?

I am not for being irresponsible or attempting to mismanage risk during an event nor am I for being a micro manager or control freak who attempts oversee every detail of life as it unfolds.  My core message is for you the reader to question, yes stop and question when you hear a business leader say ” I hate to lose or fail.”  That statement is a statement of control addiction to the extreme and they are in severe emotional pain and suffering greatly.  Loss, mistakes and failure are some of the things life is made up of just as gain, truth and success are too. Cherish both sides of the coin in life.


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