Everyday Invalidations Validation 3

So here is the situation.  You are coming under fire from all angles.  The usual suspects;doubters, critics and naysayers not to mention micro managers.  You want to begin a change initiative to make something in your work life different what do you do?

Validate yourself first.  Validate, accept, acknowledge, confirm, recognize yourself first. How and in what way?  Just as you are right now.  My working hypothesis is that any change project or initiative has a high probability to fail if you doubt or invalidate your first steps.  All grand plans begin with a tiny step or a micro action.  Actions need validation and confirmation from only 1 person, you!  Yes others do have some impact but in the end it is your life and your eulogy and epitaph.

You can’t give away what you don’t have.  If there is no confirmation or validation of your self the warm fuzzies you seem so eager to give others are counterfeit, limp, and empty.

Start with your self.

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