Everyday Invalidations Validations

quote-the-only-person-who-is-educated-is-the-one-who-has-learned-how-to-learn-and-change-carl-rogers-24-91-89What is the opposite of an invalidation?  A validation or a warm fuzzy Steiner warm fuzzy tale.  It feels good and helps us to go on with life.  A validation is also an emotional confirmation that I see, hear and feel you as well as your ideas, thoughts, words and emotions. It is the life blood of  social well being and development from new born to elderly.  Everyone has a story and they are motivated to get that story heard and understood.  It is how we are wired to interact, it is working with human nature.

Check out Carl Rogers, person centered therapy.   I have included a visual media piece for this post that I believe is a very powerful statement.

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