Everyday Invalidations Working For A Narcissist

Here is where the control addicted micro manager and the ignorant leader meet at the cross roads of narcissism.  It is all about me don’t you know and all of my wants and needs and preferences.  Who are you?  Mere worker bees.  “Let them eat cake!”

So what are we working with here?  BPD? maybe. A definite addiction illness and social ignorance.  Wow we have a winner to lead us.  Please note that I am not making light of those who have been diagnosed with mental illness, not at all.  Most management people I have worked for fit in to most the categories above but would never have the courage or humility to seek help once their lack of social performance got in the way.

Too many good people have been laid to waste by sick leaders and managers.  So what to do?  Study up and know your counter party if you think you want to stay at the workplace you are at. Remember there is little chance this person will change, it is you who has to out wit and be flexible.  It can be time to leave as well, time to move on.




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