Everyday Invalidations What Is Happening Here?

I think that it is important that I provide a thumbnail sketch of what I am trying to do here day in and day out.  My motive is to provide awareness, a very detailed awareness of a small and important piece of the communication process “the verbal emotional invalidation.”  I do realize there are non verbal invalidations and that is not my core theme here.

The verbal emotional invalidation can kill a conversation flow, poison a team meeting, and cast a shadow of management and leadership ignorance and incompetency within a company.  Because this simple act is so very pervasive in how we talk and relate with each other it is swept under the carpet until it gets serious and I mean the stakes are high ( read severe quality of life loss is imminent-divorce, fired, bankrupt, jail, institutionalized, homelessness, etc).

Invalidation stems from a deep control addiction issue that plays upon a drama system known as the Karpman drama triangle (Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor).

Read and review Drama as well as control addiction and finally some countermeasures to this emotional hostage negotiation .

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