Everyday Invalidations Motor Mouth

cbb_motormouth_alt1The chase is on!  They are chasing after you?  For validation, wants, needs and emotional strokes in any form available.  What to do with a motor mouth?  One who corrects incessantly, provides unsolicited advice at each break in the discussion, someone who does not come up for air and uses a cute angry giggle as a segue to their next logic lecture.

Be combat ready is my only words of encouragement and don’t take the bait.  Know when to smell and taste the bait in the air.  The bait is there for the game to begin.  The drama game of course.  How to get out early? Politely excuse yourself to get a drink, go to the washroom ,etc.  And stay away.  Have a game plan prepared and be genuine.  I know you may think that I am crazy for saying that but even the best sociopath can pick up on a weak counter party.  Match them blow for blow and stay strong.  That does not mean you take physical abuse or death threats.  Stay in adult executive mode.  Be Carl Rogers if need be using active and empathic listening.

Read Chris Voss, Never Split the Difference.  Remember they are trying to control and take you hostage emotionally.  Don’t take the bait.


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