Everyday Invalidations Always Combat Ready


Just because all is calm and quiet does not mean hard times have vanished.  I have learned that hardcore business type people and always on the hunt for the next meal. To that end more ignorance and invalidations and controlling type behavior are on the way with various flavors of manipulation, coercion and deception.  To that end I am in conditioning at all times -continuous improvement some call it or hyper awareness  I was told at one time.

I do not try and sleep with one eye open or have a loaded gun under my pillow.  I don’t take it that far.   Once I prepare to enter the work place I have rehearsed and am ready for typical controlling, invalidating and emotionally ignorant behaviors.  A trained martial artist is rarely taken off guard and had developed a keen sense of preparedness.  So to it is when dealing with conflict, control behaviors, change commands and the emotionally ignorant.

How do I prepare?  Read, Never Split the Difference, by Chris Voss.  Accept and know that I am going into a hostile environment and let go of any lust to want to change the other person.  By doing the above I am building internal power and capacity to withstand the onslaught of social illiteracy likely to come my way.

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