Everyday Invalidations Study

studying-smartlyAs my study continues into emotional invalidation, control, addiction and power I find it fascinating that not a lot of this was covered in school or a professional level degree.  It seems that one of the only people digging into control is Steve Hauptman and Steve Hein is doing some work in invalidation.  Why so little? Or have I not googled it enough?

My working hypothesis is that emotions are “dark matter” to borrow a line from FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss.  Emotions cannot be seen or understood by science they are still ephemeral.  At some level feelings and emotions seem elusive and ever present as hard as humanity tries to deny and suppress them.

Onward to dig and deep dive more and more in order to provide awareness for you the reader and myself about the origins of emotional invalidation as well as healing and soft counter measures for the individual in a business setting.  Remember soft is hard.





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