Everyday Invalidations How?

How did this come about?  Too many brow beatings, too many team meetings hijacked by incompetent managers, too much of the bad and not enough of the good.  For a while I thought it was me or I should say I was brainwashed to think it was me.  Then I came to and said “No” it is not me.  I have been witness to verbal and emotional violence in a professional business setting almost everyday since I left formal post secondary education.  So what? You may say, it is par for the course it is everywhere.  Get with the program or take a pill or blend in and don’t talk so much a previous manager used to say.  Who by the way had a heart attack at his desk due to stress he was carrying at work.

I am no sure if the emotional intelligence movement has made its way down the business and corporate food chain the the SME.  My working hypothesis says no.  This is where the most improvement can be made and the greatest impact felt if need be.  We don’t have time to change or we don’t believe in that or another excuse.

The above reason is why I write and study one simple part of a human exchange, the moment of invalidation.  That simple response helps or hinders your cause to negotiate and motivate and/or inform your counter party.  The devil is in the details.

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