Everyday Invalidations More On Emotional Ignorance

There is more to say on this alot more.  Please note that I am a fan of Goleman, Stein, Bar-On, Caruso and Salovey.  I am a card carrying member of the EI movement.  I have taken MHS EQ-i and 360 EQ-i via David Cory.  I am all for a more civil and softer society.  I get it.

My motive for pushing the envelope on the ignorance piece is that the EI came too fast, too strong.  Social-emotional skills have been kicked around since the time of Darwin it became a popular explosion mid 90’s and the change initiative continues.  I support the revolution and at the same time want to continue to build a study as to why the revolution needs to move forward.

Not every one gets it!  There are simply angry and ignorant businesses that operate at a whopping profit.  There are highly paid executives and managers who would rather push you off a cliff than validate and understand your social context.

So it is with this group stop preaching the ‘you shoulds and you need to work on your emotional literacy, intelligence, etc.’

They simply cannot see it due to many reasons.  My working hypothesis is that their addiction to control, rank and power has them traumatized and stoned so much they cannot see, hear, feel or smell the emotional residue they leave in their wake.  In essence they have become corporate or management zombies who lay waste to anyone in their way.  Notice I did not use the word leadership.  Leadership denotes some degree of awareness and responsibility of actions and behavior.  There is really no room for emotional ignorance in a true leader.  So yes I get the vision piece and the MBA and leading the sales force to the field of battle and dept re-orgs, etc ,etc ,etc.  There are many who call themselves leaders I would not follow into battle, I would turn and run.  Numbers, graphs and big data are there for decision support.  The real decisions are made with heart and emotion.



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