Everyday Invalidations Google This…

Google emotional ignorance and it seems to come up with about 17.4 million hits.

Google emotional intelligence and it seems to come up with 9.5 million hits.

I am no google analytics data scientist and failed math in high school but those numbers get my mind thinking.

Just a few more hits with the negative than the positive side of how to regulate emotions in a business setting.   Why?  More prevalent?  My guess is that as a race we tend to favor the exactness of math and science because we have come up with some rules and principles to control and understand it.

Our lack of maturity as a species has not had that level of insight yet with emotions or feelings.  Invalidate them, sweep it under the carpet and never mind that it will take care of itself.

We still have a hard time simply understanding the POV of another.  My closing line with this is in 2016 we are on the verge of big data, AI, robotics, machine learning, etc.  We live in a poorly written sci-fi movie and will continue to do so until we get our feelings understood.

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