Everyday Invalidations There Is A Way.

Please do understand that I do not advocate being a victim and letting someone berate you.  There is a way to defend yourself and negotiate another way  without  “loosing your shit” in the process.

To all things there is a weakness, to all moves there is a counter measure, there is an opposite.  A space can be created for safety , you can buy time as the FBI hostage negotiators would say. For there to be a victim or victims the persecutor needs an audience.  Do not provide a target for them.  If it has escalated to physical assault and threats of harm call the cops get help beyond what I write here.

Keep this in mind at all times….it is not you.  It is about the power, control and rank addiction that is an out of control disease epidemic across all sizes of business.  Know this and be aware at all times. One of the most dangerous and violent places in a business setting is in a team meeting or the boardroom.

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