Everyday Invalidations Dismissive- Avoidant



Now we are talking!  This is a core instrument of a conflict and confrontational avoidant person.  Sweep it under the rug, devalue and debase who ever and what ever it is so that I don’t get involved.  My god the last thing I want to do it get involved….but I will give lots of advice.  And so the story goes.

Who cares, So what, Never Mind, Oh it does not matter, It will be okay, etc etc etc.  It says don’t bug me as I am too self involved and stimulated by my own suffering and you are not valued or worth that much for me to invest time and emotion into you.

Again counter measure is validate and label and calibrate a question.

“Never mind?”  Hmm

“How come?”

This quick one two combo with stun and bewilder the counter party and be ready for more as they may gear up for a blow out.  Never fear they need an audience.  So be prepared.  Or they may be so stunned that they leave with a grimace on their face.


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