Everyday Invalidations A History of Hurt

history of hurt.jpg

Emotional and psychological pain is excruciating and wears one down.  Debasing and discounting another on a consistent basis builds a history of hurt that is not easily When there is a consistent pattern of hurt and infliction of pain it is best to pick up on this right away.

Even small remarks to dismiss a point by a manager or co worker are enough for me to be very aware of my speech and how I negotiate with the team or supervisor.   Get a good vibe for the culture, the look and feel, etc.  Most people are good at bullshit today.  If you hear that the company is one big happy family run away.  99% of families operate in a dysfunctional and controlling manner.  Some people still think that the company as a happy family who serves apple pie and milk on Friday afternoons is what attracts job seekers.  Hmm maybe not so much any more.

My continued writing is to make you aware dear reader very aware of the predators out there who are happy to watch you go down with the ship and drown as they count their money from the shore.  Not all people are bad there are a handful left who have some degree of common sense.


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