Everyday Invalidations Too Much Fluff!

You may notice that there is a lot of darkness here and the negative angry side of life in the business world.  I would rather be known for that than sunshine and roses and every workplace is a great place to work.  At some level we know that not to be true.  There are the roots of abuse neglect and violence in the rank and power at work.  That is the truth I have lived and maybe a few others have lived it as well.

A quick laundry list of how to solve workplace arguments is cute and sexy and may get some hits and web traffic but falls short of the mark.  My working hypothesis is that the workplace is a violent environment hostile even, and nobody does anything.  There is some legislation passed that may or may not be policed and enforceable.  What to do?  Fight back?  May be, but do it in a stealth and smart manner.  Change your point of view or frame of reference.  They need an audience, a target they need some thing to perform for.  Don’t be that target or that audience.

The darkness here and the motive to write daily comes from anger, it is cathartic for me.  Everyone has a weakness, discover that and you are on your way to riding out the emotional hurricane.  What is the weakness you ask?  Well don’t go fishing for clandestine information, it is not needed.  The counter party’s weakness is their strength. What they are strong  in loudly draws attention to the  weak link in their chain.

The writing here may not be mainstream blogs for consumption and socially selling.  it was never meant to be.  No fluff or buzzwords to help with web analytics!  Day by day, blow for blow real time insanity from the world of work.

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