Everyday Invalidations Conscious Relationships and Conscious Individuals

Conscious relationships begin with conscious individuals.

Wow,  is all I can say,  wow!

I picked up the above statement from the back of a book jacket, TED the empowerment dynamic by david emerald.

I find that emotional invalidation is partially an act or habit that is automatic or not known.  It is a learned coping skill perhaps that sits just below the waterline of awareness.  My other thought is that it is a conscious game of control and power, that is a discussion for another day.

What does it mean to be conscious of emotions ? Is it awareness or mindfulness?  Are they the same?
What does it mean to be conscious of being on the receiving end of devaliation, dismissive and crass behaviour ?  What about if one is conscious about the design, manufacture and distribution of
Disrespect and invalidation but chooses to continue the behaviour ?

I pose the above questions not as taking points but rather for contemplation that require no answer, analysis or solution.

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