Everyday Invalidations Introduction to The Essence of Disrespect-Correcting Grammar


What is the meaning of this?  The Essence of Disrespect? World renowned couples researcher John Goffman calls it contempt.  I call it the foundation of disrespect and utter disdain for another person.

I am tempted to say, “how dare you!”  be so high and mighty, arrogant and omnipotent.  It is a power play with some control added for flavor.  I am feeling powerless now so when I can jump on you and make you appear to be inferior I will feel a bit better myself after I take you down a few pegs.  This is an attack ladies and gentlemen.  No doubt about it!  Disrespect is a lack of courtesy.  A public display of grammar correction is a stealth move played often when no one is paying attention.  It is a one up move from some one who feels so shitty about themselves and their lot in life they can’t help but take shots at others.  It borders on a control addiction but not quite.  A correction is more about help me I am drowning no one will talk to me so I have to get attention some how.  Aha!  With my smart and attentive brain I will tell you how stupid you are and I can listen to how smart I am.  It is really nice to hear my own voice that is really what I wanted all along.  I had to take you as hostage just so I could get what I wanted.

Your grammar correction counter measures for now.

A simple question, “What needs are you trying to get met by saying that?”


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