Everyday Invalidations Barking Orders


What does a bark sound like?
No not a dog bark a human bark.
It has the sounds of distress embedded in it. It is meant to control by fear or threat .  It shows that the person doing the barking is out of control.  How do you know this ?
I barked order as a football coach and later as a karate instructor. There is a great flow of power that intoxicates perception as masses of people do as you tell them to do. It was as if I could control the weather or move mountains with the wave of my hand.  I had an aura of omnipotence or so I thought.  When really I was nothing more than an ego maniac with an inferiority complex. I emotionally invalidated people who I coached and taught.

I barked orders because I had to prove I was in control.  Control of what ? Nothing.  I certainly was not I. Control of myself.  I had the illusion that I was in control of other people.
And when reality did not conform to my ideas I barked louder.  And then the omnipotence turned to panic as it looked like I was loosing control but that fact was I was never in control of other people.  It was a dream, a fantasy of you will. A momentary lapse of awareness.

None of us are flawless however that should not be an excuse for ignorance or stupidity.



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