Everyday Invalidations Emotional Hostage Taking


All right no body move or the loud mouth gets it!  See.

Stop and think of the corrections, threats, put downs, abuse, and verbal violence that occurs in a day, and for what reason?  To control.  Simply put to hold emotions hostage in order to control and change reality.  What is brushed off as a flippant comment or an impulsive off the cuff remark is calculated.  I know it may seem far fetched but think about what need it serves.  To control another’s emotions.  The ransom paid for getting the emotions returned roughed up yet undamaged is compliance.  The counter party wants validation and compliance.  It serves many purposes the main one being that it satisfies the illusion of power.

Emotional hostage taking is prevalent not only in the board room but also team meetings and the ever so popular 1 on 1 coaching and mentor-ship sessions.  I am not knocking either however not all managers are fit to be coaches or mentors.  The problem here is many think they are after a weekend course.

Be aware dear readers be very aware.


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