Everyday Invalidations What do I pay you for?


The above question is a bait and switch so be careful negotiating this?  The questions is either asked from a budget concern when the world is in perfect harmony as the picture above or when some form of reality hits as the lower part of the picture.  The questions is used as control, abuse and manipulation. Negotiate this question.  Do not answer it or attempt to debate with logic or extreme intellect!  Here is a start for you:

Hmmm good question.  What do I pay you for?  Hmmm

It sounds like you have some doubts.

This buys you time and gives you space.  My working hypothesis is that whoever initiated this question wants to hear their own voice to get a chemical hit somewhere in their brain to relax the adrenaline and other stress hormones washing their gray matter.  When the above is executed with empathy it works to stun your counter party.  They want a fight, a debate or a soapbox to design and distribute the tirade that is being emotionally cooked up.  Step out of the way and and gently deflect.  More on this in a later post.



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