I had enough.  On a subway ride to work just before my 48th birthday I had enough.  I had fought, endured, defended and listened to scoldings, brow beatings, public dressing downs, humiliations and old fashioned rudeness from senior business professionals or at least in their deluded world they called themselves professionals-professional failures at basic humanity is more like it.

So after a little birthday party of coffee and cakes I started to write and kept writing and keep writing because I collect material everyday.  Not only is this my public journal, it is a place for others who have had enough to come and read and say,”yes that’s right.”

I too was an emotional abuser at work, that is for another day or series of days to confess my sins of a past life.  But regardless of how hard I tried to control and coerce and change others it just did not work it led to frustration and futility.  What is wrong with business today?  Global competition? No. Technological change? No. Lack of skilled workers to do the jobs? No.

We lack the essence of respect.  To acknowledge another’s view of the world.  We don’t have to agree with it just accept and acknowledge it and go from there.

And when I started to listen with respect in mind things began to change for me.  I could then regulate my own emotional response and have some degree of control.

That is why I write and will continue to write and study Emotional Invalidation at work. I am no longer a victim.

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