Don’t Be…..

More easy listening Emo Invalidation hits for you tonight and now for the famous “Don’t be…..”.  The use of don’t be can be quite a sneaky one as most people who tell a grieving mother or child don’t be sad because…..think they are helping and making it better but really it is a core method to invalidate.  Why you may ask?  Because the person saying don’t be cannot cope and/or handle their own emotional reactions and don’t want to tread the path to emotional and psychological awareness to process their own reactions, triggers and trauma so it is easier to say don’t be ah I feel better I helped, not.  Don’t be has a huge existential theme to it.  Don’t be you!  Don’t be whatever you are feeling, thinking or doing tight now!  Don’t be because I cannot accept it!  Just don’t be!  What is the cost of don’t be and it is consequences?  Let that sink in and contemplate it.  Before I answer that listen for don’t be during interactions and if your speech is peppered with don’t be.  If it is the problem might just be you.  Till tomorrow.

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