This is the that and he letter f this is f and j who has it I am the o I am not sure who has it right now I am the or that thhis is w this is f this is r this is e tis this is s this is a this is q this is z this is a  or this is f and the them f te anf and the  and then  and then d and k this is j this is u this is r and then u run is rn and th as and that is stnand stand in  your placd and then be all okay th is that right I am not sure at th ti this point this hh h jjj can you feek j can ou can you can  can u ou can you feel it can you feel d can you feel r can ths this be f and then n and then c how  how aout v af f and fv f v dc d this is v anf then f and then f and v vvvv very very very and then cherry cherry and then jun p ju fuand then v or t v television is that right yes it is and you are k okok a for ta for that today today this is o this is o and p place place thhs is a p;ace f this is e eee and ddd dev dev devdevf develop,et devedevil is that t is that right with y with my eyes closed closed clised closed or open open v open the v oopen the car door today please please the cat cat te a this is a this b this c this d this is e this f is f anf this is g this is h andi and j all at the sme time tm time speed s os vfvfvf fverrvery good at this time h where are you gi fgfgf going to do thhis is very good at hi this time in c;ass of school about tim tome the bo bo bou said toda as e as he as he roade rode jis bike back home from the danc dance classs today and the speed with it ggrew faster as hr wtwrote wrote and he saw how it ws how it was how it was and he and this ws and this was good and kee keep the fingers on the a pa this is p this is this is p and ; p; this is em ; and p and l and o and loll loll lollj jkeep keep i keep it to to too is too much much nuch v fvfvjn jn jn after kis m kmkmkm km jn this is n nnnumber ths is m kmmm mkmnumbrer numb nit nitknit knit knit the socks today please and mother now now jn ow  jno w j now jn ow j nak jfvfvfb fbf fbooze fbooze fbuss b


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