f anf j is this where are the f anf j n thhis is n n is j na and and fvf this is f and v is v is c d a f this is d and k this is k and the is is or pool swon swom j in the in  in out out of it ;l this isi ;l this is ;l thi this is the ; and l andk and k this isi thi this is l this is k this is l and n and n and cryig baby I hear abut this thi sis l and o this is p ool p ; this is this and an dit or of the is tht ; l and ll l; thi this is p and ; p p and ; p and ; a sd asd ;lk ;lk asd and and this this this is an and this is l;lk j jj j; thisis j; flooting fu fin gers fingers a a on the ovr here is it this is this  this is p and ; a; and sl and sl o slo t slot lly slott fj anf jf k and a and d e  deeeg deaf dea and so m km this is j and thi i this is n jn this is j ad n jn u jun jujn jnu juj frf frud frud frad froon nn jn jn ; j;n j;n nj; jnj k; how  how  how what how fast are you you you your yours how fast  fst fasr fs fasr fast fas  fast fast sped spot spot spor spore re read read the book o book book book bool boook boook rfrf thid  this isi the e the the senecne sentence is what this is about about p; police the police and he and the ool cool aool ui juj kik k this iis kik this this is the this is where I get off you guy and  do not look at the key sor   key s o keys or yo will you will get in touble and yopr  your speed witlll will o go go go down thhis is this is this is the that have for or in it and bt but this is pool and o police the o politics the pa; the pal the pal the paslk the paclae the pacel the pool the pact the program s go slow he said as the waved his had in han hand jn jn and ju jnu this is n and it is here bleow below j with the bumpbs tht is the wrong finger m km this at is m and m is m and k is m ik kim is hee re ere m mike moel moel molek lek u n nd the nae name name of the sr street is smith a bs  s a smith bo  bo sboy bot sbo bout are youi a smith boy you a smith boy reah with the reach reach with the funger and feel the floeat ove float float it above the pad that is the dog and with the po probability of likeliness of it coourr occruaing occurrig occrence the occurence num m num hu jim jim i jimm i humm  how abot a short enst senstenc for a e es  test a tet or an x exam wharee   where i the m key m km mkkm km where is the m key where is he  m key m key monek monkey there is a mon mmoneky monkey a mon  the na and and m are messed up it its wron g o go back to the fj and j as sad sucjer sad sauce sad bad sad fas fad sadd sass wass e w e q w e de dee qua qua que qur frf frf tf jy jy jy this is addictiven when I flot flat loat float the beoat boat when rhere is a big cat to get to and there is a correction to take care of during the day in cloass and no one can help e me but the pee in the see for wee and qaa the fti   drig drug na dlookng and  and of the that to me or other and than I touhg thouhgt thought I mi might slow down and be more cla clear with what I say and how I say it.  I a can proactive pracrice the k,kmk l. . jm jn km l, ;. ;;;…. the period is . the , is l, l, lll ,,, km jn here is how it goes ;. ;. the end. the end / no te  the end . however,  l, l, ;. the end . the middle, l, lol lol, oll,, the end eo end of o f this pracotfe par practi e run/ ;. 


Shawn Ja ems Jaes Ja,es James F Draisey

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