The Basocs or the basics

Laugh out loud or lol is a shortcut for laughing at a jike or joke together.  This is another exercise in typing or keyboarding perfactly p or perfectly there I got it done.  Theat That is what we call perfection.  Good Eork Work Where is tha that key and how d do I make his better than it wa wwas wasb before.  This is a habit that I am building and developing.  GH  That was a mistake the way I did that bef becase becuaw because I look ed th looked dwon down. There are only a few ways to build discipll;ine discipl;in discipline nd and that is to rehearse and practive practice vrr b v er very dilligrd dilligently ther there I did it do again again it again so there din’t dont’ do not or don

t there as h h there goes another mistake bead because I presssed the presed the pressed the wrong button and look what hapened happened.  It is done and I looked down again.


Shawn Draisey

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