Direction, Intention and Purpose

Is it the same?  Hmmm, not sure.  What brings you here today?  How can I help?  What did you have in mind?  It is the vision that drives the project.  Whose vision? Yours to begin with?  What is the mission and purpose of this project?  What is your mission and purpose for this project?  What benefits do you bring to this project? What are you providing?   A short paragraph about negotiation.  Why?  What is your mission and purpose?  To make quota?  To make a million?  What about the opponent ?  Are they waiting to be fleeced by your slick ways and dazzling presentations?  Maybe not.  What is the first tiny habit or behavior to consider?  To do away with neediness, yes that’s right corporate co dependence.  Replace it with intention to help if you can.


Shawn Draisey

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