What is a subject?  How about a predicate?  A phrase or a clause?  Where does an object go?  What modifies a verb?  What is a noun or a pronoun?  Can I regain and remember all of these rules at this late age of 45?  Perhaps I can it is a matter of habit and mental toughness.  Freedom comes from discipline, discipline in the day to day routine mundane stuff.  Mindfulness is also a part of discipline. There is a calmness and focus of mind.  It is not as monkeyed or cocained as mine may be at times jumping from picture to emotion to the future or the past.  You see this paragraph went all over the place.  It started with grammar and ended up with cocaine brain and monkey mind.  Any how I am now writing over 10 lines per entry and this will continue until I can habitually make two paragraphs instead of one and learn better grammar.


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