Negotiation and Agreement Sucker Punch

This is my first post since the middle of March 2013.  I am well versed in the first course at CNI “Start with NO.”  My relationship with BATNA and win win has left me holding the bag as they say destitute, unloved, penniless and heart broken.  Win win is a co-dependent frame of mind to save a business relationship.  Win win has left me open to further discounts and concessions down the road that I pay for.  It is a negotiation sucker punch because it does not address my right to veto the process or what has been tabled.  We bargain and give away and trade to please the other side and remain friends and save a relationship or partnership.  It is a sucker punch in the worst of ways.  It is an emotional drain to continue to give and discount and still it is not enough.  It can build resentment of opportunity lost on other more worthwhile projects.  It can loose money and can consume resources to a failing end.  BATNA and win win is a sucker punch in the negotiation cage.


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