I love it

It is Friday night at 6 ish in bustling down town metro London Ont.  I am working on several open assignments and my 5pm interview cancelled.  I am drinking water from a bottle instead of a glass and I am watching the pain of a step family or a step date unravel in front of me in the booth 2 seats down.  I know of how they all feel;disoriented, trying too hard, hoping they are accepted and the pit of the stomach feeling of not fitting in.  I know of it all remember I did 1 complete tour of duty at trainer 477 and lived to survive.

But the good ol boy Iam watching is a smoker, drinker and tough business man or at least he seems as such.  How blessed am I never to do that again.  How blessed am I to watch others go through the pain of a round peg in a square hole ( no pun intended).  Bottom line is that step dates are painful and they rarely work, they are not supposed to.

Anyhow back to the search.


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