Cleaning my side of the street

WTF?  This was a phrase used in the public school system by important social ranking people.  It makes sense to me years later.  It should really be re-stated mind your own business without the emotional rejection bite.  Since Trainer 477 and Hurricane that soon followed I have come to learn and be at one with myself when entering into any talks with the public at large, especially women.  The less co-dependence I have with people,places and things the stronger and calmer I become.  When I speak my truth from a place of internal calm and indifference I am unshakable.  I am free to love and care freely with little to no attachment of the way it needs or should be.  I am free to embrace all in the moment that is.  Hmmm, airy fairy???? Maybe however practically strong.  Knowing at any time that people, places and things can vanish and re-appear pending the flow of life I am open to all that can and may appear.  When I speak my truth and from my heart and soul with no manipulation then I am free and full of energy.


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