It Didn’t work It Didn’t work…

It is 10:14am at the Landon Branch library as this goes to print. I am sitting in the sun being a good boy and minding my own business.  At present the librarian behind the counter is under attack from a sith, yes a sith from the star wars series of movies.  A sith is a user of the dark arts or the dark side of the force and is very powerful.  The so called sith today is an individual who is very very upset that a dvd she rented did not play in her machine.  Her opening line and continuing lines are …”it did not work, it did not work.  my friend had a similar movie that worked but this did not work for me.  why?”  Of course this was said with the emotional intonation of shame, guilt and fear which are tools of the dark side.

The individual is clearly overwhelmed by an emotion or dark state of being beyond a movie that did not play.  There is always more to a sith than meets the eye.  Usually the darkness runs deep to the heart and soul;the original lightness of being was taken over by anger, denial, deficit, shame, guilt and fear.

As I mature in the light and education in appreciation, assets and strengths based being I am learning not to save the sith or ridicule the sith only to defend myself against it or distance myself from it.  If given a chance it will kill me and have no remorse.


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