Happy Mother Day

Here is the standing agreement I have with my mom and grandmother.  I am a good boy 365 days of the year and I we don’t go compulsively overboard today.  What good is it to send flowers and a smile one day of the year and the fuck up the other 364?  Here is how I see family holidays……why be a punk hypocrit for one day with fake smiles and insincere thankyou s when deep down my life is still a mess?  Where is the authentic happiness and/or appreciation in that?  Fake it for one day? WTF?  How about this..gently acknowledge the western world holiday with the rest of the crowd and get back to work cleaning up the mess I made of my life.  That is progress and happiness.  Healthy, wealthy and wise. Neither a borrower nor a lender be, The Bank Of Smith.

Some may think I am harsh not so.  I am making family amends every day of the year and cleaning up my responsibilities that I have have habitually let go over the years.  Time to grow up I guess.  I am thankful and appreciate that I have a living mother and grandmother…and I do not go extremely overboard for one day.  I call and/or see my mother and grandmother every day just like a good boy would who loves and appreciates the gifts he is given.  Even though there may be heat or differences of opinion as with most people, family or not there is I still call to say thanks.  In the end from my point of view holidays are for scammers.  Every day can be Christmas, mothers day, new years, etc etc.  It all depends on your inner beliefs and frame of reference.


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