I am not for everybody

When I arrived home the first week of Nov 2010 I was dared to build a business, hence Acme Job Advice was born.  Part of the marketing principals were we are a solid 3rd choice and we are not for everyone.  So it is with life that I am not for everyone.  Hmmm approaching 6mos of return to town and very few hits at this point.  Hmmm could be a test of patience, tolerance and/or perserverence.  Cash is king at all times as is physical health.  It would be very easy to delve into a bout of self pity, denial and have a temper tantrum at this point.  That display and lack of control do not help solve a situation, they make it worse.  Freak show!!!  Contempt, one of the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse.  Bad news when that is detected early, hard times ahead.  Get out now and take a run or go to the gym.  Be thankful that you are alive.

I am reminded to watch my mind, thoughts and state of being at all times.  Only the good.

Shawn James Draisey

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