I made it after all.  $30 a week for groceries.  I did it.  How?  Use the Hal Becker method of working off peak.  I shop for groceries off peak hours; late Sunday night for instance and Monday’s late aft or night.  I have been able to stock enough in the pantry to get me through the weekend and circumvent the crowds at the stores.  I will be aware of the craziness around holidays such as valentines, easter, may 24 end of school long weekends and the like.

Monday the 18th will be my bargain hunting day for this week.  All is well with oatmeal, egg whites, eggs, salad, tuna, chilli, frozen pizza, beans, etc.  Water is mostly my liquid of choice most days.  After all my body is 75% water why feed it anything else.

Shawn James Draisey

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