My Knowing and Doing Gap

I am overwhelmed with quiet serenity today.  All is going well.  The BG articulation is taking off like I never imagined.  Picture this….a small consulting company in a growing niche market that has international appeal.  The founders and all core and adjunct consultants have a shared approach to the way of dealing with people and doing business in an authentic manner.  Though they differ in POV’s they are able to step back humbly and take a look at the big picture without fear of loosing their stake in the project if things don’t go their way.  WOW!!!!!  This is playing a Bigger Game,  a different game and a new game.

My K and D gap now turns to cash and career.  The physical is underway quite nicely. Round after round of online pogo monopoly with the robots only at this time has taught me that it is all about lo and hi probability.  Just because I buy all 4 railroads does not  guarantee a constant cash flow, it just puts me into the environment of higher probability of cash flow.  There in lies the rub.  There are no guarantees.  All of the bullshit I was sold earlier in my life came from those who never saw past the fakery and fraud.  Fuck-off with the guarantees and empty promises.  The only promise is change; lots of it across the board.

I am still at step one with the David Allen program of Ready for Anything.  Clean all clutter and start to close small loops of stuff that has been laying around undone.  I will have to do it someday why not now, I will feel better and have more energy.  Well that is all here’s to paying the bills on time.

SJD My story is courage.

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