My K and D Gap

K and D?  Don’t you mean KY?  No and stop being rude.  I have invested and spent over $500,000.00 on education, seminars, workshops, books, e-learning and the like for what?  To put in to practice?  To actually apply?  LOL some of it yes with disastrous results ie LUHC LOL.  Some of it yes with medicore results see the rest of my life.  I am 42 so I think I have about 40-45 years to go before my run is over.  I will stop the accumulation of knowing and begin doing.  This is important with career and money.  I know what works and what works consistently.  I know what works with my physical bod and what has worked consistently.  What prevents me from success is the GAP.  It is a gap of fear, doubt, lack of worth and value that all stem from habitual shame and belief systems.  Change the story, change the belief architecture then bit by bit it will all shift gradually.  The 1% solution is where it’s at for me.  Along with Appreciative Inquiry.  What went right today.

SD-My story is courage

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