Yes but it is very cold…..! LOL

Well here we are near the end of March 2011.  I am listening once again to people piss and moan about the weather and their lives and books and money and lunch and food and etc.  WTF?  And I am going to try and pull some kind of appreciation out of this?  Yes maybe not with this group or I could have easily added a little IMPROV to whatever I am verbally given.

” Oh what a lovely day full of sun YES BUT it is very cold and I can’t even think that it is near the end of march.  Heavens what are we going to do? ”  WTF?  hmm denial and shame based language.  What are we going to do?  WTF?  You will get by just as you have done for the past 85 years.  Hmm why the bitter banter??  Or chitty chat,, just to hear your own ideas and voice I suppose.  In the above the YES BUT negates all words and meaning that comes before it.  YES AND supports the sun and moves the scene forward.  YES AND it is a beautiful day to cross country ski, or snowshoe, or anything outside.  However, most of us enjoy the culture of complaint resistance and denial.  Some times I want to sit and weep just listening to the words and emotion that exit peoples mouths.  No wonder we are in the state we are, fuck.  Today’s life scene is at the local library at 10am and I am playing a home based consultant who enjoys making homemade vegetarian chilli.  The scene is going very well thus far.

SJD-September 17 1968

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