Changes in Attention and Energy Focus

This started out as a note pad to document my experiences at CINTAS 881 and the people I met there.  Hence the code name 221 Zombies.  I am to the point where it doesn’t much matter any more about bitterly serious business people.  They have their own dark emotions to figure out along with their own karma or lack of it to get by in life.  What goes around comes around.  Bully and treat people like animals using the tools of shame, guilt and fear and sooner or later your life will fall apart or unravel at the seams when you least expect it, hmmmm riding for a fall?

I have given up the big money for now, the big office, the big title and the bullshit senior management meetings as well.  It is all an illusion of control and power we think we have LOL.  I traded that in for an journey or adventure if you like.  To quiet my mind, nourish my soul and strengthen my heart.  All is going very well today and inthe past few days.  There have been some bumps and turbulence.  That is to be expected with any undertaking.  I have switched my focus to appreciation, gratitude and only the good.  I have haphazardly invested precious energy and time with the wrong people, places and things hoping they would change.  LOL never!  Very few people ever change at least that’s what Rooster always used to say during our corporate coaching sessions.  WTF?  corp coaching?  corp coercion!  corp copulation?  Hmm I have will to work on that one.  I made a promise to me when I returned from my 60 day tour of duty at CTAS 881 that I would invest 12 months in me.  Me and only me on my terms.  How is that going?  I am impressed so far.  1 year to learn how to take care of me and love me.  I have never done that before in 42 years.  It is new and funny to be honest.

Ok Draisey what do you have?  WTF?  You know material goods.  Oh ok.  Bank account, RRSP, house, wife, kids, dog, cat and job or career?  Hmm health?  Happiness?  Gratitude? Love? do those count?  Yes after the material goods.  Hmmm then I guess I fail your test.  Or maybe I am not in the cool kids club and that’s ok.

SJD-September 17 1968

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